Rock Solid Adhesion

UV-primers and surface activators for industrial coating

Our unique primers and surface activators ensure perfect adhesion of any acrylate coating systems to a wide range of traditionally difficult to coat polymer surfaces such as Melamine, PP, PE, and PET. With our technology, we are setting a new standard for the furniture and flooring industry.


Increase yield

Our 1k UV primers increase the runtime of your production line. They are easy-to-use and very reliable which allow you to focus on other parts of your production process.

Increase performance

Using covalent adhesion results on excellent performance for both the primer and the complete coating system, raising the bar of what is possible in the industry.

Increase customer satisfaction

Instant adhesion allows for faster and more reliable QC process, reducing the number of customer claims to a minimum.

Future Proof

Our products are free from solvents and isocyanates. Most of our primers are compatible with environmental markings such as the Nordic Ecolabel.

Application Areas

Furniture panels

Our surface activator ensures consistent covalent adhesion to any melamine surface improving the machining properties and wear resistance over time.


Our 1k primer is engineered for optimal ease of use, and enables uninterrupted operation of your production line. 


Our UV activators offer excellent adhesion without the use of harsh chemicals, resulting in a transparent and clear surface that is both durable and eco-friendly.

Design flooring

Enhance the visual and tactile appeal of your laminate with a thin, matte coating that preserves its structured surface – our surface activator is the only solution that guarantees sufficient adhesion for this application.

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