Photochemical methods


At Mercene, we move beyond the traditional toolbox offered by raw material suppliers. Instead, we leverage photochemical interactions at the surface to create reliable covalent bonds, ensuring perfect adhesion. This is why we call our products Surface Activators and not primers.

Adhesion at the Speed of Light

Our PhotonClick® technology utilizes the energy of photons in a unique way. Unlike conventional UV methods that merely form a film, PhotonClick® uses the substrate surface as the initiator. This process begins with covalent bonds formed between chemical groups on the substrate surface and molecules in our surface activator. By providing UV light at the appropriate wavelength and dose, perfect adhesion is achieved. The technology is available both as 100% acrylic based products or water-based products. The Most Difficult Surfaces

We have adhesion solutions for many traditional difficult surfaces including melamine and various thermoplastic surfaces. All our products create covalent adhesion using surface reactions and are only single component without any solvents or isocyanates.

One such upcoming new material is PP (Polypropene) which becoming increasingly important for edge bands and flooring because of its low cost, good mechanical properties and low environmental impact. Check out our surface activators for PP.

Exclusive Technology

Patents are a cornerstone of our business, protecting our unique offerings in the market. Our solutions are available exclusively from Mercene or through our authorized distributors. When you purchase directly from us, the price includes a license. Products distributed as part of a complete coating system from a distributor are marked with references to Mercene and relevant patents. In all cases, a license agreement with Mercene for the use of the technology is required. For questions about patents, licensing, partners, or technology, contact us directly.

Our intellectual property portfolio encompasses over 40 granted patents and numerous pending applications. We work closely with patent attorneys at one of the top firms in Sweden to write and actively defend and enforce our patents.


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