Next generation flooring include using a wider variety of polymers, as well as enhancing the quality and appeal of traditional floorings with a tactile coating. Our portfolio of primers and adhesion promoters can tackle your adhesion related problems.

Design flooring based on coated laminate

Enhance the visual and tactile appeal of your laminate with a thin, matte coating that preserves its structured surface – our technology is the only solution that guarantees sufficient adhesion for this application.



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Flooring based on other polymers

The flooring industry has started to use a wider variety of polymers. Traditionally, adhesion have been a challenge for many of these materials..

We have industrially proven adhesion solutions for PP and PE based flooring, as well as PET based decorative foils and cured Epoxy surfaces. We also performed successful tests on a number of other polymers, including ABS, PC, PMMA, PS, and PVC. If you have requests for these or other polymer substrates, contact us to help section the best primer for you.

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