By focusing on adhesion research, we have been able to achieve unrivalled adhesion performance. Our primers and surface activators have been tested and successfully applied in a number of different applications within the flooring and furniture industry.

Furniture Panels and Flooring

Our UV-activated surface activator ensures consistent covalent adhesion to any melamine surface improving the machining properties and wear resistance over time. Isocyanates or energy matching primers are yesterday’s technology.

Duoprime M1814

M1814 converts inert melamine groups to reactive acrylate groups. It is easily applied in small amount using regular rollers and activated by UV. The thin layer covalently binds to the subsequent coating layers which enables better coating performance and new design possibilities.

Duoprime M1924

A water-based version of 1814 that can be applied within a larger thickness range, providing adhesion equal to the 100% acrylate system.

Duoprime M1825

Similarly to M1814 this product is applied in low amounts and provides covalent adhesion to melamine but requires slightly higher UV-dose.  It is compatible with all environmental markings including the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


Polypropene and polyethylene are low surface energy materials. To allow for good coatability, PP and PE are always surface treated with corona, flame or plasma. We offer 1k surface activators for surface treated PP and PE, engineered for optimal ease of use and uninterrupted operation of your production line.


MCAP-212 is a one component UV adhesion promoter for PP. It uses a patented covalent adhesion mechanism instead of isocyanates. It converts the inert surfaces to very reactive acrylate groups that attache covalently to a second layer (UV-inks, UV-coatings or EB curable coatings).

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